How to Fix a Dry Penis: 5 Things that Work

Dry skin is the worst, but dry penile skin takes the cake. The penile skin is susceptible and thin, so it dries and cracks faster than other skin types as the type on your elbows, for instance. If you do find yourself with this common issue, there are some surefire ways to fix a dry penis and prevent it in the future. Here are five easy ways to keep penile skin soft and strong.

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Tip #1: Switch it Up in the Shower
There are days you want a hot shower and other days where you really need a cold one; however, the best temperature for your skin is warm. Extreme temperatures can irritate the skin and strip the body’s natural oils. The penile skin is also very thin, similar to that around your eyes, so extreme temperatures can feel uncomfortable once the water hits your johnson.

Another shower switcheroo changes from your fragranced body wash or soap to a mild, all-natural cleanser or a baby wash. Sensitive formula all-natural baby washes are the best of both worlds because they are made for a baby’s delicate skin and don’t include parabens and sulfates, which can dry out the skin and even cause chapping.

Tip #2: Keep it Loose
Dry skin happens for many reasons, but many men don’t realize their choice of bottoms – pants, underwear, and shorts – may be causing the skin to get irritated. When your bottoms are too tight, it rubs up against the penis, causing chaffing and dryness, which can become chapped skin, starting to crack and open you up to bacteria and infection.

If your skivvies or knickers are too tight, trade them in for something that gives your penis a little room to stretch out. And don’t forget to get it in a soft, airy material like cotton or bamboo for extra protection against drying and chaffing.

Tip #3: Keep Things Silky Smooth
Sex and masturbation are both good for you in a variety of ways. When it’s not good for you is when you don’t have sufficient lubrication. While the friction may feel good or feel awkward about using lube, having lubricant handy is a must. Not only can dry sex or masturbation cause skin drying and cracking, but it can also rob you of penile sensitivity, which down the road may lead to nerve damage.

Pick a lubricant that is water-based and free of irritants. Some people use coconut oil as a lubricant in a pinch (or on purpose) due to its natural qualities, low cost, and pleasant feel.

Tip #4: Take a Break
While sex and masturbation are wonderful ways to stay healthy and happy, too much of anything can be harmful. Overusing your penis, even with lube, can cause friction burn, leading to dryness and cracking, not to mention a red-hot heat rash.

Give your penis enough time to recover between sessions, and be sure to wash well afterward every time you put him to work. Not only will a break now and then prevent dryness it will also preserve sensitivity.

Tip #5: Soften Things Up
In addition to updating your shower routine, you should always give your penis a little extra moisture to preserve sensitivity, keep the skin silky soft, and protect it against bacteria and infection. Apply a specially formulated penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) each day to prevent dry penile skin. This crème also has other essential vitamins and nutrients that strengthen the skin and boost blood flow, making your penis stronger and flexible for fun times to come.