Dry Penis Skin — Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Dry penis skin can lead to several unpleasant symptoms, including:

Flaking, peeling, or a roughened appearance;
Redness or rash;
Darkening or discoloration;
Soreness, especially during sexual activity.
Caring for the skin and restoring its soft, smooth texture depends on the source of the dryness. Some common causes of penile dryness, as well as the recommended treatments, are outlined here.

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Unusual Ejaculation Problems: When Urine and Semen Combine

The fact that urine and semen both travel through the penis is something that makes some sexually inexperienced women a little squeamish. When they are first becoming sexually active, some worry that perhaps leftover urine is also mixing with the semen. Fortunately, this is a fear which is usually dispelled fairly quickly. But sadly, there are times when a woman might need to be concerned about this very issue. Men who have undergone a radical prostatectomy may be at risk of developing certain ejaculation problems, including a condition known as climacteric, in which urine mixes with the semen.

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Penis Hair Removal: The Down-Low On Manscaping

Manscaping – removal of the penis hair –has been going on for millennia. However, it has become more popular in recent years. As long as he is careful with the razor, there’s no reason why a guy who wants to manscape shouldn’t do so. But how many men do manscape? And when they do, how do they do it, and why?

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Improve Penis Health Naturally with Shea Butter

Over the past several years, men have become more aware of the importance of daily care to protect their penis health. Maintaining healthy penile tissue is important for:

Better sexual enjoyment;
Early detection of problems;
Overall personal wellness.
Because of this, men are often on the lookout for products that can enhance the condition of their member. The problem is that too many individuals will jump from one product to another to find one that works. They will often try out the latest ‘hot’ thing on the market, only to find that it doesn’t have the benefits they expected. To avoid disappointment, turning to a proven product such as Shea butter can be a better choice.

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Loss of Penis Sensation: Can L-Carnitine Make a Difference?

Men of all ages may experience loss of penis sensation. This frustrating problem can occur for many reasons, including:

Poor circulation due to tight clothing, lack exercise, or excess body weight;
Toughened skin resulting from frequent masturbation;
Medication side effects;
Neuropathy caused by diabetes or other medical conditions;
Anxiety and other psychological issues.
It is a common belief that once a man experiences a reduction in sensitivity, this problem cannot be reversed. Fortunately, this is far from the case. In fact, there are several steps that men can take to prevent or even restore the feeling in this vital organ. For instance, one measure that shows promise is the use of topical crèmes or oral supplements containing the nutrient L-carnitine.[1]

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The Connection Between Heart Health and Penis Function

Most men understand that maintaining penis health is the key to healthy sex life. With that in mind, men often take pains to keep their penis in good working order. But some aspects of penis health are dependent on other parts of the body – including the heart. Understanding how the heart affects penis function can help a man maintain his sexual wellbeing.

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Red Penis — Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

A red penis that is sore, itchy, or inflamed can be a sign of an underlying health problem. This article describes some common conditions that are characterized by red penile skin, as well as tips to promote healing.

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An Attractive Penis Can Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Common wisdom has it that inner beauty that really matters, not outer attractiveness. But in our appearance-obsessed society, people who believe they do not meet the current beauty standards often suffer from low self-esteem. They may isolate themselves socially, and they may develop symptoms such as anxiety and depression. This is more often seen as a women’s issue, but men can be equally impacted. In truth, a guy’s perception of himself can be deeply connected to his physical attributes, from his level of fitness to the style of his hair to — yes — having an attractive penis.

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